Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Tue Feb 19 09:37:02 2013
From: “The Kansas City Star”
Subject: Local news and information – for just pennies a day
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To: Nick Charles

This is a joke...right?









Dear The Kansas City Star,

This is a joke. Right?

Nick 1

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Sadly (I say sadly because I grew up reading both The Times and the Star, enjoyed both and gnashed my teeth when we lost the Times in ’90), we said goodbye to the Star just over a decade ago. Not so much because their glory days were long past (though they were) but more because they had no clue as to customer service; I once returned from a business trip to discover both our carrier and the Star itself were attempting to triple bill us for the upcoming year. One would think simply producing the cancelled check would suffice, yes? No, not so much. If anything it made the Star more bellicose. Enough was enough. And now this? Seriously, does the Star expect WNBTv to subscribe? Or just myself, as founder and publisher? It is to laugh.

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