Fan Mail From Some Flounder

3 February 2013


I’ve a thought problem for you: given that a healthy, normal (albeit compulsive collector) individual devolved into a degenerate opium addict through his hobby of collecting opium related artifacts, how likely is it that one could become addicted to opium by simply reading the gentleman’s written account of his willing debauchery?

Best Regards,
Amanda C Kilgore
Lee’s Summit

Dear Amanda,

You’re sooooooo fucked.

Best Wishes,

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2 Replies to “Fan Mail From Some Flounder”

  1. It’s tragic and all too common for entertainers to become caught up in substance abuse, especially entertainers that have achieved fame and success at the level Steve Martin has. He seems to have handled it well and sought out the kind of help and support he needed. It’s sad that the funniest among us often have such tragic stories.

    Wait… Steven Martin? Oh.

    never mind.

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