Death By Poverty

Working a forty hour week at $9.00 per hour will net your average single, living-in-his-mother’s-basement blogger Missourian $314.76. Which translates into an annual income of $15108.48. 1

The official US poverty line, as determined by Uncle Sam, is set at $11,170 per year for an individual. Thus President Obama’s proposal – which will most assuredly be naysayed by the ReThugs 2 in any event – would lift our blogger’s strawman’s leaky boat, by 2015 remember, above poverty on a rising tide of $82.05166666666667 (gross) per week.

A family of two would remain $28 under the poverty line.

The American Dream Family – working dad, mom looking after the two kids? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but they’re fucked.

And should you be Catholic not practise (or even understand) ‘family planning’? Then you’d be better served working for cash under the table and apply for every social support program available.

Magnificent leadership all around from Washington this week. Kudos.

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  1. There are variations on a theme available; feel free to customize to your personal level of destitution.
  2. And several jackass Democrats.

3 thoughts on “Death By Poverty”

    1. A familiar if erroneous trope…

      First – The only small, local restaurants hand-washing dishes, much less hiring illegals, are firmly committed to the cash/underground economy as part of their business plan. Hell, it may BE their business plan.

      Second – wait-staff has a different, lower set of mandated minimum wages used to offset tips, so that doesn’t obtain.

      Third – where the hell do you eat?

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