Damned Drones Ruin Everything

I like blimps. 1

I always wanted to fly in one. It must have been a remnant of childhood, possibly to do with any number of vintage black and white films from the 30’s and 40s, not to mention the countless war movies. Regardless I wanted to float along at several thousand feet, sipping cocktails, as pastoral ruminants and Rockwellian cows grazed placidly below.

So when I heard that the ( I think Snoopy) airship was docked at the Charles B. Wheeler airport back in 2004, I took Asta (then  1 .5) to see it up close. We went downtown on a pleasant November Saturday before a Chief’s Monday Night Football game. 2 Not only was it a spectacular fall day, but we were fortunate to arrive just as the Captain was giving a general…tour is too strong a word…introduction to air ships overview is closer to the truth…to a small pack of reporters looking for a ‘new’ angle in their (back then) endless (yawn) Chief’s MNF coverage. We got invited along because the the Captain was smitten by Asta. 3

In fact as the Captain hustled the pompous windbags reporters off his ship he gave me a nod on the Q.T. So I hung back and we talked family and kids while the scribes bullshitted compared notes outside for a moment then climbed into their old, ugly cars and rattled off.

Once the riffraff had skittered away we went back into the ship and over the next hour I got my wish.  Nope – no drinks. Or cows, for that matter. But it was every bit as spectacular as I had imagined, maybe better. Of course when I mention it now to Asta she has no clue; she shrugs and says “Did I cry?” Nope, she didn’t cry.

I still smile whenever I see one overhead.

So it is with a touch of sadness I read that the army is finally going to quit using them to spy on us.

Yet another freaking drone casualty. 4

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 4 footnotes

  1. Dirigibles, zeppelins…tomato, tomatah – whatevah.
  2. No clue as to who they played, much less the score.
  3. Not so the reporters. They actually resented our presence. Dick-weeds.
  4. As if our personal freedom and safety weren’t enough.

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