Car, No Driver

Car and Driver has introduced a new “feature” titled The Most Wanted List.

Within it the author () takes to task a laundry list of “…enemies of cars as we know and love them.” Google earned his ire for their support of self-driving cars –

There’s a certain phlegmatic beauty to the idea: issue a few voice commands and your vehicle safely and efficiently whisks you off to your destination. Meanwhile, you can call up this month’s Car and Algorithm on your tablet and read the latest comparison test of floating decimal points. Driving isn’t a chore crying out to be automated: it’s the greatest spiritual transformation of the last 200 years.

Agreed – driving is fun. Or can be fun. But what I relish most about a car is the ability to get into one and be elsewhere within a few moments. That is handy for any number of occasions: weddings, most annual family events, really really bad blind dates, et alis. I would hate to give that up.

Apple made the list as well. 1 As did the Insurance Industry

Cars are expensive, but insuring them is what breaks the bank. Market-research firm IBISWorld says America’s combined premiums tally $178 billion a year. According to one survey, adding a teenage driver to the typical family policy increases premiums by an average of 156 percent. Average. That smothers youthful passion for cars before it gets a chance to express itself. As with automotive safety, insurance isn’t an intrinsically negative concept, but it has been taken to ridiculous extremes. In the long run, if car ownership isn’t affordable, there will be no customers for car insurance.

$178 billion a year? Holy shit, bring on the self-drive car now. 2

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  1. Because they’re e-vil, of course.
  2. What would be the need for auto insurance with a self-drive car? Let’s move to the future immediately and put the whole, pernicious industry under the knife.

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