I Spy, WIth My Little Eye…

These glasses make me simply estatic!
Why, yes! It IS standard model training to leave one’s mouth agape. No, no one knows why, we’re just taught to do it…

Last February we noted that Google was putting serious money into wearable computing.

Starting this past New Year’s Eve, in Times Square no less, Google started paying fashion models highly attractive people regular folks to test drive their new Google Glass in public. 1

According to eye witness reports we are going to have to add a couple of new hand motions into our “not mentally disturbed; don’t call 911” memory banks: typing into one’s palm and temple scrolling, though rapid ‘trigger pulling finger’ will still be alarming. 2

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. By “public”, we mean large, overly aware and self-conscious megalopolises with high a concentration of Tupperware salespeople social and traditional media. That means, no, you won’t see them out and about in Kansas City any time soon.
  2. No word yet as to whether the product have any Rowdy Roddy sun-glass capabilities.

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