My Life!

The Me-Cam is small!It takes a special blend of arrogance and obtuseness to believe anyone -much less the entire innernetz- would be interested in perusing your every thought or viewing a daily photo of oh so special you. Yet there are literally tens of thousands of Me! blogs on the innerntz. And their numbers grow daily.

So of course there’s money to be made in such narcissism.

For those 3rd rate performance artists obsessives who truly believe the world can’t know too much about them comes the MeCam. The MeCam is a tiny little personal drone helicopter capable of following you around, everywhere, all day and all night, streaming all those fascinating details about YOU! to nearly every social media platform existent, as well as a few yet undreamt.

Today people capture and share their photos and videos using archaic methods and with mixed results. The MeCam launches from the palm of a hand and hovers instantly. The MeCam streams video to an Android or iOS phone or tablet. Videos can then be easily shared on social media platforms. The MeCam doesn’t need any remote control: the user can control the device with voice commands or uses the follow-me feature.

Always Innovating doesn’t appear intent on producing the helicopters themselves, but instead is licensing the technology to other manufacturers.

The MSP is only $49. Which means that should a company start kicking these lil’ babies out – after all, they are the perfect hipster affectation – the buzz at the Jones pool this summer would be unique. 1

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. I wonder if the devices have an avoidance system? While the open air at the Jones pool might not be problematic, one can easily envision mid-air collisions in the city’s more popular art galleries, coffee houses and bars. AND! If it could somehow interact with Google Glass…?

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