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We see that Amerika’s Eternal War on Drugs™ has reached a Zen master’s level of clarity:

A Pauls Valley family is forced to deal with tragedy after a 33-year-old mother dies from a medical condition while being held at the Garvin County jail.

The victim in this case is Jamie Lynn Russell.

Her death came just hours after she went to the hospital seeking help for severe abdominal pain.

“Jamie was seeking help; she was in extreme pain,” family friend Kemper Kimberlin said.

Hospital staff reported Jamie wouldn’t cooperate, in too much pain to even lie down, so employees asked a Pauls Valley police officer to assist.

Unfortunately, when police found two prescription pills that didn’t belong to Jamie, police took her to jail for drug possession.

That’s where Jamie sat for less than two hours before being found unresponsive.

“There is nothing my staff in the jail could’ve done differently,” Garvin County sheriff Larry Rhodes said.

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Nothing the police could have done differently?

Well, perhaps the police officer could have actually assisted the obviously incompetent hospital staff 1 instead of illegally rifling through Russell’s purse for…a picture of a loved one (on the theory that seeing someone close to her would ease her pain)? A sap with which to knock her senseless? What the hell was the officer doing rooting around in her personal possessions? For of course he had to have been: how else would he have found “two prescription pills that didn’t belong to” Russell?

Russell died, needlessly, from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Alone. In a cage.

Because she had two pain pills in her possession.

We have in the past intimated this, but perhaps it is now worth baldly stating:

When the police/authoritarian State treats its populace as ‘the enemy’ rather than as citizens with ‘inalienable rights’; when we’re dying of neglect, criminal indifference and the zealous overstepping of legitimate authority; when the above is marked down to collateral damage in either Amerika’s Eternal War on Drugs™ or our Munchausenian War on Terror™, it is very nearly too late for conversation.

Wake up, people!

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. And here would be a good time to mention that the Pauls Valley General Hospital should by all rights soon become Russell’s family’s bitch wholly owned subsidiary.

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