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January 21st, 2013

Dear Nick,

Listen – I know we talked about this last week but I decided to hell with it; though it may not accomplish anything I just now started the petition at We The People. I just don’t think the Alzheimer’s candidate in Rome is going to do the responsible thing and yank Finn out of here. And I know you said the other petition has tons of signatures, but that is relying on Finn’s conscious – if the man were equipped with one he would have already resigned. We need national laws that force these creeps from their positions around children, it’s the only thing that will work. In any event I’d appreciate it if you would advertise the link to the petition on your blog, maybe mention what it’s for.

Tim Stratton
Kansas City

Consider it done. 1

Our friend’s petition, “Enact the Robert William Finn Atonement Act“, can be found here.

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  1. Though, seriously; probably only 2 or 3 people actually peruse the site, and one of them doesn’t even vote, much less sign petitions…

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