Fan Mail From Some Flounder

14 January 2013

Dear Nick,

You don’t seem dumb. That is some of the things you write appear to have been given some thought. So I was thinking you could help me out? My oldest girl gave me this puzzle (see attached) and just smirked and smirked. She said I’d never figure it out. Even though it wwas dead simple. The rules are to build -you can use a ruler and compass- a square, given one point from each side.

I’m not sure what she means – there are 4 points, right? It’s some kind of trick I think.

Anyhow if you could help a single (extremely irritated) mom out, that would be great!

Yours in Chaos,
Kimberly G Washington
Spokane, WA

Dear Kimberly,

Thanks for the compliment but I’m going to toss this out to the 3 or 4 people who sometimes pass by the blog; I think I recognize the outside-the-box trick involved here, but I’d rather crowd-source the response; better chance of being correct. 1

Below is your starting point(s). 2

o square or not to square...

Create a square (using a ruler and compass) given one point from each side.

There is no prize other than the satisfaction in knowing that you helped wipe the knowing smile off an obnoxious teen’s face. 3

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  1. At least, according to the latest Tupperware sales literature the social media people. We’ll consider it an experiment…
  2. Heh heh heh heh heh…
  3. HINT: If I’m right, it might be useful to be Russian…

2 thoughts on “Fan Mail From Some Flounder”

    1. You weren’t name-checked, per se; however, as the only known Russian-born KC internetz troll denizen, there might be some validity to your paranoia. The name-check was more general, having to do with Russian college entrance exams and efforts to keep ‘undesirables’ out…wait! You’re Jewish, right? Maybe I was name-checking you…

      As to your solution – sorry. On the right path…sorta.

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