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  1. Doping aside, the guy is a cad (check Wikipedia for definition). He had testicular cancer and his wife stood by him during his undoubtedly trying treatment. Then they divorced –don’t know who instigated it. Then he married someone else; she got cancer and they divorced (don’t know instigator). Doping and lying about it is the least of his character problems. Sports fans: get over it. This guy has been a jerk from his get-go. Wonder what he was like to his mother.

    1. Think you nailed him, Sue.

      In fact I would be highly surprised if – as part of his contract with Oprah- he doesn’t receive a sustantial portion of the millions expected to be generated form the interview; he gets to ‘confess’, which puts him on the hook to repay several sponsors, but uses the cash generated from his ‘confession’ to do so.

      And, since the unwashed public is generally forgiving, he shall be redeemed!

      The guy’s a con-man down to his bones.

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