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She had almost nothing to say about Twitter because she didn’t know anyone in high school that used it. “Nobody uses it. I know you love it but I don’t get it. I mean, I guess a a few kids use it but they’re all the ones who won’t shut up in class, who always think they have something important to say.” (Note: that was me in high school, unfortunately.)

For me, Twitter is predominantly a link discovery service — admittedly, that is a simplified view, but it’s helpful for these purposes — so I followed-up on her Twitter comments by asking where she discovers links. “What do you mean?” She couldn’t even understand what I was asking. I rephrased the question: “What links do you read? What sites do they come from? What blogs?”

I don’t read links. I don’t read blogs. I don’t know. You mean like funny videos on Facebook? Sometimes people post funny links there. But I’m not really interested in anything yet, like you are.
She didn’t know what BuzzFeed was, and doesn’t visit fashion blogs! (Of course, the older brother thinks that would be a given.) I was floored.

My takeaway:
this actually seems like a huge opportunity for Twitter. Kids my sister’s age are driving the growth of Instagram and Snapchat, yet (anecdotally) they’re barely using Twitter. If the company can figure out how to better appeal to younger demographics, there’s a massive growth opportunity there. Especially since I don’t buy that my sister isn’t into links. I just don’t think she stumbles across the right ones.


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