Aaron Swartz, SOPA and Suicide

The young kid in the below vid was behind the anti-SOPA movement last year.

He also hung himself last Friday.

He was both brilliant and beleaguered.

UPDATE: Aaron’s family set up a memorial site here.

UPDATE REDUX: A tip o’ the fedora to Noble Rot for his comment on this. As Wired points out, the White House will now be forced to publicly address the excesses of Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann. Speaking as a long time Federal employee, it’s safe to say that whatever career track Heymann had been on, it was derailed as soon as the petition hit 25 K signatures. The larger question -whether the Obama Justice Department will cease and desist with the Gestapo tactics in trivial not to mention non-prosecutorial ‘cases’ – is another matter entirely, one I’m not sure I have any faith in being resolved appropriately.

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Swartz, SOPA and Suicide”

  1. Some would say that this and the previous post are somewhat related. Some would say that an overzealous Obama Justice Department (“Justice”?) hounded a brilliant but fragile person to a premature demise simply because he believed in freedom and liberty.

    Some would say that.

    Not me though. I welcome the safety and security of our federal system. I love Big Brother.

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