Lewis W. Diuguid Wakes; Discovers Obvious

Our Friend informed us Lewis Diuguid had posted a minor hissy fit on the Star’s (still apparently open) web site the other day, the headline of which was Credibility means less to ‘citizen journalists’. 1

The gist of the column is that Diuguid blames ‘social media’, blogs and twitter for Entertainment Tonight, Dewey defeating Truman, the NYT’s reporting leading up to the illegal invasion, war and occupation of Iraq, Howard Hughes “presidency”, and the continued existence of Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

Hell, you’d think reading Diuguid’s piece he had just discovered tkc. 2

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Forgive me, Future Readers, for linking something you may not be able to access; take my word for it though – it’s a pip.
  2. Our Friend reminded me of the times we had sat next to or in fron of Diuguid at KC School Board meetings where Dr. Covington had made outrageous proclamations, had sneered at his audience or otherwise acted a fool, as well as that old hippy board member, Duane Something?, who was always railing about charter schools coming to kill the District: we suspect Diuguid never published those histrionics because he was showing “…professionalism, good taste and sound judgment.” Or, you know, he wouldn’t know news if it spit in his face. Which may well explain why the Star was so surprised when Covington took his carpet bag elsewhere. I’m jes’ saying…

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