Bier Station: noch ein bier, bitte!

Noch ein bier, bitte!We stopped by Bier Station on our way home.

The place is sooooo close to being ready – John says before New Year’s. There’s a couple of city inspections left: checks that the coolers are set to the right temp – and their attendant thermometers are placed exactly so – and a kitchen walk through after the right trash receptacles are placed in the right locations.

John  is a happy (if sleep deprived) man; he’s got a great staff  due to receive excellent training this week. And Bier Station is coming together – upstairs he shows us the floor to ceiling 4 panel photo of a genuine Kaunas City east bottoms beer garden; the tables upstairs have all been hand-made to resemble those of a true Oktoberfest bier tent.

The buzz is definitely out: Bier Station has 1200 Likes on FB. Already he has a man who wants Bier Station to host his 40th anniversary celebration  1 and a young couple who want to hold their wedding reception there.

We’ll add that he has about a gazillion friends and neighbors who can barely wait to lift a glass in his place to toast his success – Prosit!

Enough with the sleep and home life, John – get busy!

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  1. He met his wife in Marienplatz, Munich.

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