Twilight: Break Down

Oh Edward!
Oh Edward!
We installed Nora’s mom on the couch, tossed the 7 DVD Harry Pottercollection to the Astas, and escaped to the movies Saturday night.

Parked, ticketed and popcorn-laden, we ambled toward our particular theater, excited at the prospect of an hour’s worth of “pre-show entertainment”. We had nearly gained entrance when we were cutoff by a streaming flock of Twilight fans rushing toward their own haven.

Once the girls had passed we proceeded to find our seats and settle in. Only then did Nora ask, “Did you see the need in their eyes?”

I did.

Sadly, it seems to me the Twilight series is a skewed Looking For Mr. Goodbar reboot…plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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