The Left Never Rests

When I saw this on You Tube a few moments ago it had all of 4 views. I ran across it via this hilarious Twitter feed. 1

At one point he rants “We are the alternative!” Which, of course, is the problem (even if it’s just this nutter’s perception.) I made the observation elsewhere this morning 2 that particular point is part of the problem – there should be more than 2 choices, indeed, there should be 8 or 9, with perhaps one of those new parties comprised mostly of every non-Caucasian in America.

There are already the Libertarian, Green and Constitutional parties, why not the American Minorities for America party? They’ve got the numbers, there’s no way the 2 major parties could ignore or marginalize them.

It surely couldn’t drive this guy any battier.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. There’s also this post-ironic new Tumblr; have a look.
  2. I expect by now you’re aware that JimmyC has returned from his six month hair-shirt odyssey; today he examines the election aftermath.

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