Hootchie Mama!Did I mention I stopped in at The Gaf this evening? 1

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. No, you bloody fool, not the one in Hell’s Kitchen. Though they’re both owned by the same people. In any event the salient point here is that the bartenders at The Gaf can draw a proper pint of Guinness. No, don’t laugh; it’s NOT easy to do. Anyhow I sat next to this woman, shoes kicked off, drinking from a fifth (and yes there WAS a rocks glass in front of her) at the end of the bar looking out on Wornall: SF was hammering the last coffin nail into New Orleans’ corpse on every TV screen in the place. Why was she shoeless? Who knows – her sweating eyes pryed into my soul and it went from there. Brutally short but shocking; I’m sure she went back into the bar after. Happy Holidays, indeed.

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