But That Doesn\’t Mean They Won\’t Try….

I would really like to look at the history of the Republican Party in the South, and in South Carolina in particular, and conclude that race rarely if ever plays a role in anything. And I would be thrilled to believe that Graham sees no upside in attacking a black woman, set to become the face of American diplomacy. I would also like to eat pie a la mode as part of a complete breakfast. Perhaps if I say it enough times my dentist will believe me.

The truth is only what we admit. And what we don’t admit can’t hurt us.


I’d like to believe Troost wasn’t Kansas City’s racial DMZ. But the facts starkly refute that notion: they are, you might say, black and white.

I’d also like to say that McCain, Graham and the GOP  are not closet racists, a congregation of aging white men scared their privileged postions are fading into historical footnotes; hey – what happened to Caucasian exceptionalism!?

But the truth is the Republican platform revolves around anti-matter: anti-women, anti-minorities, anti-helpful… So this utter nonsense in attempting to block Susan Rice from obtaining the position of Secretary of State 1  deftly drops well within the GOP’s orbit.

That is not new.

What appears novel  is that the oh my god I may faint dismay over Rice’s qualifications are less than direct, almost glancingly obtuse: “Rice should have known better and if she didn’t know better, she is not qualified.” 2

The utter bizarreness of the Republican response to Benghazi puts one in mind of The War Between the Sates 3, only on a global scale; McCain, Graham and a large portion of the GOP see “their” way of life disappearing not only here in the United States, but globally as well. They feel they’re fighting The War Between America and Everyone Else -why else this inane insistence on American Exceptionalism?

And you know blacks don’t believe in American Exceptionalism. Hell, they’re likely to side with the world’s darkies. Cain’t have that, now…thus the Rovesque attacks on a Rhodes scholar.

Coates nailed it: these dinosaurs will die in denial.

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Which, we’d note, has yet to even be offered her…
  2. Criticisms, surprisingly enough,  not even remotely mentioned with regard to Michael Morrell. Criticisms that barely meet the definition of the word.
  3.  Or, as we like to think of it: The One The South Lost But Replays In It’s Head Every Night So it Wins.

2 thoughts on “But That Doesn\’t Mean They Won\’t Try….”

  1. I disagree, you can stretch racism on everything, but democratic party has just as long and storied history of racism as republicans have. for every Strom Thurmond there is a Robert Byrd. And being cynical as I am I always thought that the democratic party (not necessarily rank-and-file) embraced inclusion out of convenience and to get votes. It just so happened that the lady is black, they would fight a white one just the same. It’s what they do.

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