President Elect Romney

Welcome to President-elect Mitt Romney's Transition Portal!

In this, The Age of the Innernetz, one needs a web site for absolutely everything. That would include a Transition site for when one won the election and became the President-elect of These Here United States.

The site has been removed, but not before Goodard of Political Wire captured several screenshots. Some of the language is telling: to work in Mitt’s (presumptive) administration, one must hold only the highest morals and ethics. And, of course, be subjected to an FBI background check. 1 Not that Mitt felt that was something he, himself, needed to undergo.

In one screenshot there’s a pic of Mitt posing in what I must presume Mitt presumed was a “presidential” stance, perusing scanning looking like he’s reading something (perhaps his latest stock earnings from Bain Capital?) very important in front of an obscured painting of what looks like a headless colonial, perhaps Jefferson?

The whole thing’s a hoot: go look. 2

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Something yours truly undergoes every five years; accidentally, though fittingly, in sync with my colonoscopy schedule.
  2. I finally figred out who Ryan reminds me of; he’s actually Eddie Munster all grown up, right?

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