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Or we could just sit here and contemplate the sheer effrontery and greed of John Sharp who — excuse us –must be some kind of moran: in March of 2010 the Missouri Supreme Court handed down a ruling that voided Springfield’s red light camera program because that city was treating RLC tickets as though they were parking tickets, specifically stating that red light camera violations are moving violations.

So what does John “Never Could Read for Context” Sharp do? He cherry-picks an appellate court decision, one that says “Sure, go on ahead and treat red light traffic violations like parking tickets; what the hell does the Missouri Supreme Court know, huh? Piss on ’em”, a stance that agrees with what Sharp and the rest of the city council want: mo money mo money mo money money money.

This despite the fact the Eastern District’s court ruling in CITY OF CREVE COEUR v. MARY NOTTEBROK has a greater chance of ending up in front of Missouri’s Supremes than the Chiefs do of losing tonight. 2

However, the ensuing legal battle should reveal all manner of creepy-crawlies, starting with Judge Robert G. Dowd, who issued the Eastern District’s per curiam decision. While we will wait a bit to accuse Judge Dowd of tipping the scales of justice in favor of RLC company ATS in that particular case, it is worth noting the judge comes from a family of judges and lawyers, one of whom (Edward) has really really really close ties to ATS. 3

One would think that even the appearance of impropriety would be enough to have caused Judge Dowd to recuse himself, much less having a close relative in the employ of the company supplying the cameras in question to the Respondent of the suit under his review, n’est-ce pas? 4

WNBTv - Good TV!

WNBTv foresaw the un-Constitionality of Kansas City’s red light camera program, just as we correctly predicted the program itself would be unenforceable.

With that in mind, believe us when we say that John “I’m In It For The Bling” Sharp and the city council are playing a rather cynical game. They’re deliberately stringing out the red light camera revenues coming into the city’s coffers, fully cognizant that a year or two down the road Dowd’s ruling will be squashed by the Missouri Supremes.

But they don’t care; it will be too late — there’s no mechanism for returning those dollars. 5

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Already have the lights up, thank you.
  2. That’s right, losing; that’s how sure a thing this is?
  3. Our thanks to Richard Diamond of The Newspaper.Com for the YouTube link.
  4. Well you’d be wrong – that only happens in John Grisham novels and repeat episodes of L.A. Law. In the real world the powerful and connected do as they please and screw the rest of us.
  5. And the city will have found a way to jack more of your dollars via the ANPRs being installed even now.

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