I Dream

They don’t bandy it about, but NASA occasionally loses one.

And that occurred more often back in the ’60s. In this particular instance the capsule, StarDust One, drifted miles off course upon reentry and splashed down near the proverbial deserted island deep in the South Pacific.

The astronaut made it safely ashore, but before he could recover from his ordeal discovered a strange bottle on the beach that, when uncorked, dispensed both smoke and a ditsy, scantily clad and somewhat amorous blond.

For the next few years in-the-know teens spent lusty hours debating just what, exactly, was the hell wrong with Captain Nelson. Because it was obvious to anyone over 12 that Jeannie would put out. Willingly. This conviction was solidified in the second season when of a sudden we could magically see the soft pink flesh of Jeannie’s midriff.

Was Nelson a fool?

Them was the days…

You know? Fuck a buncha J.R. Ewing.

Astronaut Captain Nelson
Before I tried LSD, I’d been going to a psychologist for a couple of years. I found out about success that you have to fight for it a lot, then when you achieve it you can’t give up the fight

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