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SNAP issued a press release today calling on Bobby Finn to “stay home next week and ‘show contrition’ – for acting ‘recklessly, callously and deceitfully’ in clergy sex abuse cases – by skipping the annual meeting of America’s Catholic bishops.” 1

Bobby may or may not go to Baltimore this weekend 2, but the fact of the matter is he doesn’t really have a home.

Bobby’s old place is on the market…still…and the Most Lowest Finn has been ‘remanded’ to wandering the warrens of the church’s 9th street building. From what we hear Bobby has a whole floor to himself and has had appointed it a la Borgia’s. 3 And while the Bishops themselves may be all aflutter over even discussing l’affaire Finn, it’s an open secret among some local diocese staff that Bobby’s already gone.

Quiet word has been received and the communication clear – Bobby will officially be moving on, sooner rather than later, though undoubtedly not before the playoffs. 4 After that he could be shipped out at any time.

Good news but we’re sure it won’t be soon enough.

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Show 4 footnotes

  1. Where the cross dressers will vote on their priorities for the next few years: •2013-2014: Focus on Faith; •2014-2015: Focus on Worship and Parish Life; •2015-2016: Focus on Witness. Holy Jebus, no wonder Bobby wants to go: not word one about reporting sexual abuse in the See. Awesome!
  2. Seriously…who would want to miss the An Encounter With Social Media: Bishops and Bloggers Dialogue that will precede the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops? Though, strictly speaking, one doesn’t NEED to be there: they promise to live stream all the public events here. And you know what a Bishop’s promise is worth, right?
  3. We were unable to gain entrance to Bobby’s chambers so we don’t know if he keeps a Pear of Anguish. Our source about had a cow even letting us in the building, as though God were real and about to cleave the building asunder because of our mere presence.
  4. Christmas et al.

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