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Hence the American prosecution practices are what the law calls ‘a derogation from honest service’. The US prosecution service, in heedless pursuit of convictions, does what it wants and prosecutes whoever it wishes for as long as it likes. Thus, over 90 per cent of prosecutions are successful, a higher proportion than in either Putin’s Russia or Communist China. America, as Black puts it, has become a ‘prosecut-ocracy’.

That being so, it has also necessarily become what he calls a ‘carceral state’, putting behind bars, often for many years, a wholly unacceptable proportion of its own citizens: 750,000 are sent to prison every year, and the number is rising. Over 47 million Americans now have a criminal record. The gap between the United States and other civilised countries has widened enormously in recent years in this respect. The US has five times the population of the United Kingdom but 40 times the number in prison. This fact alone ought to invalidate the monstrously inequable extradition treaty between Britain and the States. It is quite obvious that a person we extradite to America cannot expect the level of justice we take for granted here.


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  1. At some point American’s decided the illusion of safety is preferable to the reality of liberty. I think it was when the idea of the “government safety net” gained widespread appeal. The above mentioned “prosecutocracy” is the logical extension of that philosophy, as demonstrated by numerable recent events.

    1. Pinning it on the “government safety net” is a little too Karl Rove knee-jerkish; the saftey net concept has been around much longer than you ackowledge, even back to the 40s. You know, when men were men and no one relied on the gubiment? Your example would appear to tie directly into a more recent lunacy – the “war on terror.”

      1. Well, I had the 40’s in mind when I made the original comment. We make the government responsible for our complete safety, then it’s logical that we want the government to take any and all steps it deems necessary to guarantee that safety.

        It was one in many decisions that have led us to where we are now and where we’re apt to be in another 20, 40, 100 years.

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