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A US court is to consider a case that could determine whether digital media files can be resold.

One-year-old start-up ReDigi is battling music giant EMI over whether digital music can be retraded after it has been legally purchased.

ReDigi says that its software is designed to comply with existing United States copyright laws. But EMI argues a legal principle which allows consumers to resell purchased material goods does not apply. 1


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  1. The outcome will be notable: ReDig has to delete the ‘original’ file near simultaneously a new track is obtained. Their software checks the original file for legitimacy, then transfers it to the central server while deleting it from the trader’s computer. ReDig plans to do the same with eBooks, should they survive EMI’s challenge, not to mention SCOTUS’ meddling. And, if you read down far enough in the original item, you’ll see Google has expressed a huge interest in the outcome…

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