To Infinity and Beyond!

cislunar stationYou read where NASA proposed manning a station at the Earth-Moon L2 point, right? You know…the dark side of the moon?

WASHINGTON  – Top NASA officials have picked a leading candidate for the agency’s next major mission: construction of a new outpost that would send astronauts farther from Earth than at any time in history.

The so-called “gateway spacecraft” would hover in orbit on the far side of the moon, support a small astronaut crew and function as a staging area for future missions to the moon and Mars…

Documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel show that NASA wants to build a small outpost  -likely with parts left over from the $100 billion International Space Station- at what’s known as the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2, a spot about 38,000 miles from the moon and 277,000 miles from Earth.

I like the concept but am not rocket scientist enough to know whether it’s a groovy but less than viable idea. All I keep thinking about is radiation, lots and lots and lots of radiation…

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