Thoroughly Recommended

“Was there an era before our own, out of which our current universe was born? Do the laws of physics, the dimensions of space-time, the strengths and types and asymmetries of nature’s forces and particles, and the potential for life have to be as we observe them, or is there a branching multi-verse of earlier and later epochs filled with unimaginably exotic realms? We do not know.” 1

This is a beautiful work of art. Portions have brought me to tears. 2 It deserves a place in your home library, next to Starfinder and Weather and Earth and…well, you know, the basics.

I’ve added the online advert as it’s a work in and of itself.

Happy reading.

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  1. Unfortunately the local library systems do not have this yet; the nearest lender I could find is in Great Bend. However the book impulsed me somethin’ fierce and I picked it up at Barnes & Noble locally. Also available, as are half of the world’s goods, via Amazon.
  2. Your leakage may vary.

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