The City at the End of the World

A Centrifuge
Translated from the Russian: "City of 10,000 Centrifuges and Binders Full of Women"

After a night’s rest it became obvious to us that no presidential candidate would dare utter baffling statements about ‘binders full of women’ or ‘ten thousand cetrifuges’ unless such things actually existed.

To do so would be political suicide, correct?

So we did some research.

First we checked the WNBTv file cabinets. You know, on the off chance we were the proud owners of binders full of women. Sadly, such was not the case.

We also peered into the storage room and ducked down the stairs to the unfinished basement, seeking any elusive WMDs centrifuges that might be lurking about. Again, no joy.

Which made sense; binders full of women, not to mention ten thousand centrifuges, would take up considerable space. Certainly far more than afforded by WNBTv’s meager warren of rooms. Indeed, more space than even Iran might possess. Where might such vast expanses exist?

Russia of course.

Welcome to Pyramiden, the city Russia built specially to secretly house Mitt Romney’s binders full of women and ten thousand centrifuges.

Good luck with the centrifuges. 1

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Of course we took the binders full of women. What do we look like – deeply closeted Republicans?

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