Romney is Obama White


Less than 30 minutes into the debate and tomorrow’s lede is obvious.

Other than Romney’s parroting of the GOP’s rabid insistence of American Exceptionalism, the Governor has done nothing but repeat the President’s stance back to him in slightly altered phrases.

We would hope Romney’s arguments to be more nuanced as they move to the economy. 1

As pissed off as we are about Obama’s stance on drones and illegal wiretapping, the fact of the matter is Romney would job all that questionable shit out to 3rd party contractors, quite likely Haliburton or a subsidiary, making him the ultimate Teflon man. 2

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Though undoubtedly not enough to overcome the Bush/Dark Lord’s legacy.
  2. Ronnie Raygun, Thor rest his diseased brain, was a piker compared to this guy.

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