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We still have two more ‘debates’ to suffer through 1 and now comes The Consumerist with the news that the 2012 election is going to also displace our long anticipated Christmas ads:

According to Ad Age, the lead-up to this Election Day will be dominated by campaign spots — especially those of the Presidential variety — so some big retailers like Best Buy and Kmart likely won’t be making their holiday push until after the polls are closed.

So…political ads instead of Christmas ads.

While this means millions of America’s children will not be able to constantly pester their parents to petetion Santa about the latest over-priced, drop molded in China, piece of shit toy they saw on their Saturday morning cartoon show until after the elections, I’m pretty sure the exchange -political piety for seasonal guilt – is a wash for the rest of us.

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  1. Wow; whoda thunk, huh? If Obama comes off as unsure and hesitant in the next couple of these as he did last night, he can kiss whatever lead in the polls he enjoys goodbye.

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