Hey! There\’s lint in here…

Best of sumthin alright....We are surprised.

Don’t misunderestimate us –thank you, each and every 3 or 4 of you; 1 as the gentleman once snarked…rather people take your name in vain than not at all. And we truly appreciate the consideration.

However KC’s favorite Russian is correct; the results are a tad ironic.

Of the three sites listed only Midwest Democracy strikes us as purely political, if not strictly a blog. WNBTv is a compendium of things (perhaps even a blog) with some emphasis on politics, though we’re just as likely to post items concerning footwear dentation. tkc’s site? The best we can say for it is…it is indeed a blog.

It appears the definition of politics is broader than we dreamt; the butterfly in the Bookside blog effect, if you will. 2 But our gut tells us that war with Iraq Afghanistan Iran Syria is necessary we’re simply and momentarily the second favorite flavor of the month (if that long.)

Rummaging through the Pitch’s Best Of archives confirms this: Death’s Door, Frighteningly Uncommon Sense, Gone Mild and Kansas City with the Russian Accent all once garnered the Pitch’s top spot. Mark Smith, never voted anything but Missouri’s Most Garrulous Con, was even once featured in the Pitch.

All of them were never again mentioned in a Pitch Best Of issue.

We expect our status as Reserve Grand Champion 3 will fare the same.

So, once again, thank you.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. We’d be interested in how often each of you had to vote. As well as knowing the totals for each selection – did we receive 2 votes and Midwest Democracy just a singleton?
  2. That said, for our money the best local political blog is Mo Rage. The guy is consistent, thorough and often links up to data you might not ever otherwise find. Kudos.
  3. Sorry, we’re still not over the The Royal BBQ contest; there were some fine eats offered up this year.

2 thoughts on “Hey! There\’s lint in here…”

    1. Indeed; why not?

      As a carry over from when comments weren’t accepted at all I still get plenty of email; that’s running 50-50 voted-didn’t vote.
      Puts me in mind me of the phantom time hypothesis…

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