George R. R. Martin

It cuts all who sit itDo you know which chapter will you write for the third season?

Yes, I wrote the 7th episode (3×07), called “Autumn Storms”. I know the title is not as brilliant as “Blackwater” (2×09), which was certainly good, but it was the best name I could come up with. At least, there are a number of autumn storms and it’s raining a lot in that chapter” [Laughs].

So you won’t write the chapter of the certain wedding we both know…

Well… If this chapter is finally included in the third season it would appear later, after mine, and I think David and Dan want to write that by themselves.

Will the third book be adapted in two different seasons because of its extension?

Yes. The HBO decided to split the third book into two separate seasons. More or less the third season will talk about the first half of the third book and the fourth season will be about the other half and perhaps will also appear the first chapters of Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons, because its action will be told chronologically. The limits between every season and every book are not clear and, in fact, in the second season we saw some things of the third book.


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