Fan Mail From Some Flounder

27 October 2012
Kansas City, KS

Dear Nick,

My kids (both are in middle school) have taken to your Friday night music videos and the movies you post on weekends. They don’t care much for the rest of the blog but thats ok. But mostly the videos. They like they never know what your going to post. Like the Michael Jackson thing last night it blew them away. Anyway they got to aguing about what your theme was or what your site’s insparation might be. I said it was probably some old hippiemusic maybe James Gang but the kids think your a secret Johnny Cash fan. What is it?

Carmen Aguilar

Dear Carmen,

First, thank you for (almost; nearly; oh so damned close to) reading. Those are some smart kids you got there – you should be proud.

Next, to answer your question, while we don’t select the Friday night vids based on anything in particular, WNBTv does have official theme music: the B52’s Planet Claire. It is almost always playing, either in my head, or in the offices where I compose each item for the site while dancing around in only my Curious George themed footsie PJ bottoms.

Nick Charles

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