Wait for it….

Were I to feed the Astas any sort of crap, or even some of the food so many of us grew up devouring, she’d nut me.

You know of what I speak: Bugles, Cheeze Whiz, White Castle ‘sliders’, white bread, pork rinds, those gross 5 pound bags of WalMart “cheese” puffs. That stuff.

Now I’d be the last to defend any of the above as nutritional, or even food in many cases. And I wholeheartedly agree hot flavored pork rinds aren’t everyone’s buttered scones, as it were. 1

However I wish someone would explain to me why these and other ‘nasties’ are verboten, but when Mickey D’s annually brings out it’s wholly manufactured, non-food McRibbie Sandwich, THAT’S o.k. to feed the Astas?

C’mon – the company SAYS it’s a pork sandwich, but that’s like saying SPAM is sirloin. Or, hell, even chopped liver.Whatever. In any event all you addicts 2 will just have to wait for your annual fix.

According to Ad Age, Mickey D ain’t ‘puttin’ that stuff on the street until December. Thas riiight, I said December. Christmas, you low lifes. Now goan get yo smelly junkie ass over there in the corner an do your shiverin’ jones thing where I don’t have to see it. 3

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Fuck me I love those things…
  2. You feel me, Nora?
  3. At least you KNOW where pork rinds come from, right?

2 Replies to “Wait for it….”

  1. McRib was one thing that completely killed my remaining illusions about what Americans eat. I tried it once. My kid refuses to eat any fast food and neither of us had McD’s for years. This summer I talked her into trying White Castle, mostly because I wanted to try it. We both couldn’t believe they had customers who didn’t eat there on a dare.

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