The Big Green

The Big East is taking steps to “tweak” its name now that it includes schools from California, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee and Florida, according to Joe Bailey, the conference’s former interim commissioner.

The Big East has commissioned a study to consider alternative names, Bailey said [Thursday] at the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit hosted by Bloomberg Link in New York. He wouldn’t say when the names would be presented to conference presidents for their consideration.


Some conferences have it easier than others.

Out west they simply totaled thing up: the PAC 12. 1 That appears problematic for the Midwest’s traditional land grant schools: the Big Ten has 12 teams, the Big Bevo 12 has but 10 teams. 2 You might think the conferences could simply swap names, but you’d be wrong. Something called ‘brand equity’ has to be considered.

Which is why since the Bloomberg article was posted the new Big East commissioner, Mike “Hey, call me Mike!” Aresco, has announced there will not be a wholesale name change. Though he did allow that the conference would be looking at their logo, various ‘tag lines’ for the conference, and how they “identify” the conference.

Just not changing the name.

In case you’re curious what qualifies one to become a NCAA conference commissioner, look no farther than Aresco’s last position: executive vice president of programming for CBS Sports.

Which sums up everything you need to know about college sports these days.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Colorado’s football program still leaves much to be desired, thank you for asking. Over the week end they lost to something named “sacramento”, which we believe to be a by-blow of the unholy marriage of the pimento to the caper. Balanced against that is the fact they’ve suddenly become a basketball “powerhouse”, favored to win the conference again this year. Now if we could only bring ourself to care…
  2. Yes, remedial coursework in basic addition and subtraction are mandatory in both conferences.

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