Honey! Have you seen my other sock?

One might resign oneself to the fact of life that socks tend to miss their partners after a round of laundry, while at times, some of the design on the socks look way too similar to other pairs, that it is difficult to know just which sock is paired to up which. Samy Liechti of Blacksocks thinks that the(sic) has quite the innovative solution through the clever use of RFID chips on individual socks, and when used in tandem with a scanner and an iPhone app, you will be able to match up your socks to their respective partners after each trip to the laundry.

Fine Italian socks are mailed to one’s residence based on a modified lunar calendar: a Sockscription. “Starter kits”, which include ten pairs of calf length socks and a scanner, are available for US$189.

Reliable sources report that Mitt Romney was one of BLACKSOCKS first customers.

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