Shove Those Cakes Up Your Arse, Mate!

One of the great things about the ol’ U.S. of A. is how we foist off our “culture” on everyone.

Take cupcakes.

The gotta-have, trendy Hollywood bakery Sprinkles started up the world’s first cupcake ATM earlier this year: the essence of American silliness. Currently Sprinkles’ ATMs are located in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, Georgetown, Houston, La Jolla, New York, Newport Beach, Palo Alto, and Scottsdale. 1]

Marvel at the exciting cupcake dispenser 2 below!

How adorable! 3

So you would think the rest of the world would be just beside itself in anticipation of getting in on the fun, right?

Not so much, no.

As London’s Daily Mail 4 asks: Do we REALLY need cupcake ATMs? The brief article is what you might expect, but the comments? Aaah, the comments…

I’m a bit worried for the sight impaired people when they come across one, thinking its a cash machine.
– flat-footed1 , glos-bristol, United Kingdom, 26/9/2012 19:56

Ulrika’s boobs….yikes….!
– Carly Wurly , Uk, United Kingdom, 26/9/2012 13:26

No wonder there is an obesity epidemic! And you won’t be able to blame it on the packaging.
– ladysam , southampton, 26/9/2012 13:15

Of course the idea has its supporters…

It’s not really new. Go to Amsterdam and visit a Febo. Burgers from holes in the wall. Pop in your euro, lift the flap and there’s a hot burger for you.
– Seymour_Bwana , Esher, 26/9/2012 11:16

Clearly Sprinkles should just leave the poor Brits alone. They’re as fat as we are, for Thor’s sake, what with their deep fat fried fish and chips and their dreadful thin warm beer. Better to concentrate on the built-in American market. Perhaps branch out in Vancouver, BC. Or…wait!

Did you know that Sprinkles is having a contest to see where the next American cupcake ATM will be placed?

Well, it’s true. Between now 7 and Halloween the city that sends in the most begging emails will be added to the somewhat exclusive cupcake ATM market!

How do you enter, you ask. Simple: click this link and hit Send.

It’s that simple. Oh – only one email per day per email address.

Have fun. 8

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Show 8 footnotes

  1. Though the avid dreams of many a local fatty may come true; Sprinkles may come to KC. Read below.
  2. “Arrogantly twisting the sterile canvas snoot of a fully charged icing anointment utensil, he pools forth a quarter-ounce green rosette…” Yes, Frank WAS a seer.
  3. Squeeeeeeeeeeel!!!!!!
  4. The British equivalent of our supermarket checkout-stand rags.
  5. There may have been photos with the item; I just read the story, myself.
  6. Obligatory Amsterdam hash/sex comment.
  7. Actually last week, but we’re late.
  8. I can’t believe I just helped further devolve our society. It must be the caffeine.

One thought on “Shove Those Cakes Up Your Arse, Mate!”

  1. Funny, though cupcakes are becoming more popular outside of America. In parts of London and Essex UK they are the latest craze. Those Sprinkles ATMs will be LOVED!!!!! And it took me FORVER to get to the automatic email contest entry – maybe you should display it more prominently?

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