Unwarranted surveillance

Doubt He's Actually Resting ‘ere he migrated East to hang with Woody, drink rye at (then piss on) Mailer’s grave, take long night walks with his beagle in Astoria and eternally work on REDACTED, Packham would spend a few of his idle moments attempting to lure me out for a beer.

As intriguing as the thought was (Welcome to Chis-Nick, the all DFW-Pynchon station!) I always demurred; my semi-anonymity was important to me. It was not that he was going to surreptitiously snap a pic and post it online, rather – as I told him – it was everyone else with their stinking cell-phone cameras; traffic cameras, security cameras, the freaking satellites. 1

These days I am resigned to being outted.

I still keep a low profile; I can count on one hand (with fingers left over) the number of times I’ve publicly met other obsessives bloggers. But the ‘unveiling’ won’t happen that way. No one really cares any more about the people behind blogs – that’s soooo 2005. No it will be the FBI. Or DISA. Or Quik Trip, HyVee or some lonely gas station on the edge of town that captures my face and uploads it to the Matrix.

But mostly it will be the FBI. 2

We live in a surveillance society. I’m just going to have to adapt. 3

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. I’m really not paranoid; I just play one on the innernetz.
  2. Complete with pretty pictures.
  3. Or fully embrace and abet assist my new overlords by creating a FB account and loading it up with candid photos.

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  1. I am too lazy to search your entire blog to where you said that, so whatever. But as one of only two persons who read AND comment on your blog, I feel that at the very least you should buy me (and Noblerot) a beer. BTW, obama is getting re-elected, so you need to think of some other excuse.

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