Now With Barbecue!

From the Star’s Midwest Democracy:

Kansas City wasn’t just flyover country Sunday for Gov. Mitt Romney, whose staff unexpectedly found themselves looking for a new place to fill up their plane and their bellies.

There wasn’t enough time to organize a motorcade to take the presidential candidate out for a meal, so the meal came to him.

While crews took care of the plane, other people delivered a catered meal from Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue for Romney, his staff and the press corps traveling on his plane.

CBS reported that pork sandwiches were served in Romney’s section of the plane.

Reporters tweeted pictures of him meeting with a small group from Kansas City who learned that Romney was making a layover in Kansas City.

  • Kansas City isn’t just flyover country anymore. No sir, now we’re flyover country with barbecue! This is a marked improvement over places like Indianapolis, which is flyover country with a zoo. 1 Or Hinkley, Ohio, which is flyover country with buzzards. Or the whole state of Utah…
  • Also? If I’m running for president the buffoon social media/pr flack who allowed my name to be printed in the same sentence as the term “pork”? Yeah, toast.
  • Finally, just who comprised that “small group from Kansas City” Romney met? Isn’t that the sort of detail one should expect from a professional news organization?

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  1. I keed; the Indianapolis Zoo is a wonder. Not only that they biannualy award the Indianapolis Prize to “…an individual who has made significant strides in conservation efforts involving an animal species or multiple animal species.” There’s a cash stipend of $100K involved. This year’s prize went to some dude doing polar bear research. Compare that to the KC Zoo, which pretty much begged money to simply get a polar bear.

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