Midwest Innocence Project Calls for Federal Investigation into 1988 Firefighters’ Explosion

Here’s the Friday presser we told you about this morning:

Attorneys for two of the five individuals convicted in the 1988 explosion that killed six firefighters will hold a press conference to address new developments in their investigation at 1 p.m., tomorrow, September 28, 2012, at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law. The press conference will be held in the Administrative Conference Room. Family members of the wrongfully convicted – Darlene Edwards, Bryan Edwards, Frank Sheppard, Richard Brown and Earl Sheppard (now deceased) – will also be present at the press conference.

The Midwest Innocence Project and its Legal Director Laura O’Sullivan represent Bryan Sheppard. Cheryl Pilate of Morgan Pilate LLC represents Darlene Edwards.

A 2011 Department of Justice investigation concluded that “several newly developed pieces of information not previously known to the prosecution” suggest that others were involved in the arson that caused the explosion.

Although the Department of Justice maintains the position that the five defendants are guilty of participation in the arson, attorneys for the defendants assert that the new evidence points completely away from those defendants and toward others who were not adequately investigated.

The Midwest Innocence Project has committed its investigative resources to the case, and the attorneys are calling upon the Department of Justice to empanel a grand jury to re-investigate the case.

During the press conference, attorneys will be asking members of the public who have information to step forward and contact them. Contact numbers and email addresses will provided at the press conference.

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