Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

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Most Liked Vid on YouTube

What a world.

Psy’s weird overnight sensation, Gangnam Style, is the most “liked” video on You Tube (this according to Guiness.) 1

In fact, it’s so popular it has inspired ‘dance offs’. 2

One such dance off took place in my favorite city – Krung Thep. 3 Where else would you see West Side Story reenacted on a city’s streets?

During questioning, one of the teenagers, whose name was withheld, told investigators that the two groups of teens were partying at an entertainment venue in Phet Phraram area.

While they were partying and drinking, they competed against each other in “Gangnam Style” dance. The two sides began to quarrel as the competition got more intense and one of the groups later left the venue, he said.

“Four people from the group returned at 6am and fired several shots into the sky. I tried to mediate and they agreed to leave,” the teenager said.

“Three of them later returned about 8am and they sprayed bullets in all directions like in action movies. I and other people there were running for our lives.”

Another teenager told police that his friends and the attackers were provoking each other by doing Gangnam Style dance moves.

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Though with just about 2.5 mil views it has a ways to go to overtake -ke-rist, I can’t believe I’m about to say this – Justin Bieber’s Baby and its 780 million views.
  2. WTF?
  3. I’ve written about Bangkok at great length. I’m also aware most of those posts have…’disapparated.’ For those of you who could give two rat’s assess, jump back to the rest of this item. For those of you who have sent me emails asking where the “Asea” posts are, be patient – I think I might be able to resurrect them. But it will take time…

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