Is Mitt Romney the President?

A TossupYou are a diligent, intelligent and thoughtful individual, one who doesn’t jump to conclusions about anything, much less the current standings of the 2012 presidential election.

You want, no, crave facts that you can use to independently interpret each candidate’s chances in the race. Piss on a buncha the MSM’s talking heads, right? Making informed decisions is The American Way! 1

You visit, sometimes several times a day, sites like this.


You are all the above. Or not. Whateveah, dood. Mostly what you are is lazy busy, too lazy busy to be bothered with words, analysis and endless speculation. You want your election coverage as terse, concise and easily digestible as your horoscope. 2

You visit this site maybe once a week.

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  1. Shrub and The Dark Lord’s Reign of Terror© notwithstanding.
  2. You’re having a fabulous day today!!!!

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