E-vil Mitt and the GOP

Romney's Planned Assistance For the Poor“…I don’t believe that the Republicans even care if the economy rebounds. A sluggish economy in their view is their only path to the White House in this election cycle. If confronted, they will deny it, but if you judge them by their actions in Congress it seems apparent that sabotage of the president’s economic plans is at the top of their agenda. It is the thin reed on which their return to power and domination rests.

“To say that Romney and his fellow Republicans are consciously undermining the economy for the purpose of winning this election is probably hard for many Americans to swallow. 1

“Even with their skepticism of politicians and the political process, many American people still believe that there are bounds beyond which neither party would go to accomplish its aims. That is not the case in this instance in my opinion. No matter what the cost and pain, Romney and the Republicans are hell bent on undermining any recovery of growth rates and jobs in order to emerge triumphant on Election Day.” 2

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Undoubtedly true.Which is incredibly sad, given it’s as plain as the hairy wart on the tip of your Aunt Edna’s nose.
  2. E-vil Mitt and the GOP: another great name for a rock band.

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