Cancer & GMOs

Back in April we brought you news of GM corn and soy crops and the disgruntlement that caused.

And in July we highlighted Oxitec’s GM mosquito (and, inadvertently, organ failure due to GMOs.)

Come now the French with a new study that reeks of organ failure and tumors the size of baseballs.

The tests looked at the impact of several scenarios including eating the GM corn (NK603), eating the GM corn sprayed with Roundup, and consuming Roundup at low doses in water.

The results were compared against those for a control group fed a ‘clean’ diet without GM or Roundup.

The researchers found:

  • Between 50 to 80 per cent of female rats developed large tumours by the beginning of the 24th month, with up to three tumours per animal. Only 30 per cent of the control rats developed tumours
  • Up to 70 per cent of females died prematurely compared with only 20 per cent in the control group
  • Tumours in rats of both sexes fed the GM corn were two to three times larger than in the control group

The large tumours appeared in females after seven months, compared to 14 months in the control group. The team said the tumours were ‘deleterious to health due to a very large size’, making it difficult for the rats to breathe and causing digestive problems.

Significantly, the majority of tumours were detectable only after 18 months – meaning they could be discovered only in long-term feeding trials.

One Dr. Julian Little, of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council, the mouthpiece of the GMO industry, insists GMO foods are safe: ‘The industry takes all health concerns regarding biotech food and feed very seriously.” 1

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