KANSAS CITY (WNBTv) In an expected outcome, local Drudge-wannabe blogger tkc is forced to eat a whole steaming pile of humble crow as dished out by Louie Wright and the courts!!!!!

WNBTv tipsters (STAND UP!!!!!!) inform us that re 1116-CV22104 – LOUIE WRIGHT V TONY BOTELLO ET AL Wright will dismiss his lawsuit, as well as the right to bring any future lawsuits against tkc, if:

  • tkc removes the three libelous posts about Wright from his blog;
  • tkc posts a retraction and apology that will appear THIS COMING MONDAY!!!! and remain as a link on tkc’s blog for 30 days.

This is the gist of the settlement agreement submitted to the court for approval.

If accepted the agreement will be interpreted by many savvy media watchers as proof positive that using a blog to smear people one dislikes, perhaps even making up “tips” to do so, or using “sock puppet” commenters,  or edging into the land of  libel and slander, will not be tolerated by the courts.

Make no mistake…This is a TOTAL WIN for Kansas City, Louie Wright and Free Speech!!!!!! And a HUGE AND WELL DESERVERED SLAP IN THE FACE OF TKC!!!!!!1

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. WNBTv is actually sad (and rather surprised, to be frank) tkc had the good sense to listen to his lawyer’s advice to settle; we expect him to start ‘spinning’ this outcome in his favor almost immediately. And, given the common national attention span, many will over time come to believe him. It’s that old adage: what one says may be lies, but if one repeats the lies often enough…


  1. Wow. He just yesterday posted a long post about his lawyer and how without her free speech in Kansas City would be dead like he was going to win in court. Doesn’t that take the cake? Guess maybe I have good reason not to believe anything he writes.

  2. Now if he would just not let the racist knuckledraggers post their ugly, ignorant, hateful comments since they pose no good purpose whatever.

    Oh, and if he could and would learn that women shouldn’t be objectified.

    But that’s asking far too much, clearly.

    At least he’s apparently going to learn this one lesson.

    1. yes – he’s been spanked. monday will put paid to this particular incident. but my gut says tkc sees coin in smear and dirt and bad behavior and will attempt something similar down the road. if Nora would let me gamble i were a betting man my money would be on the KC Star or its ilk suing him for posting material gathered from behind their pay wall (once instituted). i have read nothing on the case law on that but i expect it is also still developing…

  3. Nice that CASE.net (JaCo) allows ALL lawyers to see settled cases now, right?

    Now for the next step in democracy – letting ANYONE see the settled cases.

    It is public information after all.

    And oh yeah – good thing living in mommie’s basement boy settled.

  4. That might explain the sudden appearance of a new Tony Botello Facebook page created yesterday.

    Work and Education
    Monkey hitting keys at random on a keyboard . . .

    or then again maybe not.

    1. funny thing you should mention that, Frank – we just read a few e-mails from folks who posted the link (to this post) on both tkc’s personal and web site fb pages. on his personal page we hear he not only did not answer a direct question about the veracity of the WNBTv report, but he disappeared the entire question. as if he worked for the police in guatemala in the 80s or something… as for his web site fb page, he’s simply ignoring similar posts on his wall…

      chances are he’s not allowed to say anything about this except what he has been directed to (per the putative legal agreement) and then only when so directed.

      which means i think we have to wait for monday.

      1. Should be interesting to see how he handles being taken down a few notches. The way local media puts this guy up on a pedestal as if he’s the only blogger in Kansas City is pretty strange also. But like you said – given the common national attention span – stranger things can, have, and will happen.

        1. i expect he’ll try and spin it. what will be more interesting is to see who buys (other than the obvious sock puppets on each of his posts).

          per your observation re the local media’s perception tkc is kc’s “only” blog, i can think of 3 far more literate, entertaining and well written blogs off-hand; Dan’s place; Fitz’s place (though he seems to have gone on hiatus); and -one of my personal favorites – curb girl.

          however i think we do ourselves a disservice if we don’t take a more thorough look at why the local media treats tkc like they do: he’s easy. it is plain to us that tkc cares more about the amount of public exposure he receives than the type of exposure. none of the blogs mentioned above would be so casual.

          moreover the local media are able to hold his site up as a prime example of all that is ‘wrong’ with bloggers in general (as a means of advancing their case that print media is not ‘dead’.) and when tkc has shown up on public panels in the past, shoe-horned in with real journalists, he makes an even worse impression (imho).

          looking forward to monday…

  5. Is he even still a thing?

    Everyone I know stopped reading him years ago when he became a boring, one-string banjo.

    Kansas City sucks. White people suck. Latinos Rule. Blah, blah, blah.
    Got it. Duly noted.

    I remember he used to coast along, copying other peoples original content, presenting it at his own, throwing completely bogus bullshit all over the net hoping it would stick.

    Seriously, it’s 2012. Tony is a relic of the Golden Age of Blogging. But he hasn’t been relevant for years.

    I wasn’t aware there was anyone who still took him seriously.

    1. don’t know if tkc’s a ‘thing’ much less if anyone takes him seriously – we don’t read him either. however we’re told that his site gets well over 1000 unique hits a day, which must have piqued Louie Wright’s ire when he discovered tkc had posted his claims about him. ergo the lawsuit.

      from the 10,000 foot view this was interesting in that it followed on the heels of noted scammer and ‘free speech’ advocate Crystal Cox’s deservedly bad day in court: the oregon judge ruled she was not a journalist, per se, and therefore not covered by that state’s media shield laws. so once he was sued and tkc started making the same noises, like he was going to the wall over this as a ‘free speech’ issue, that drew our interest: either tkc had hard documents backing up his claims and would be found -by the courts- to be a ‘journalist’, or he wouldn’t. complicating a possible trial would have been the fact that missouri does not have a media sheild law. either way the courts would have ruled would have advanced case law on the subject…

      however, just as with Cox -who really had a whole racket going- there was both more and less to the case. and the fact that tkc settled tends to lead one to believe;

      1. tkc probably posted sheer rumor as fact;
      2. tkc probably used sock puppets in his comments section to buttress his ‘facts’;
      3. tkc probably had no ‘tipsters’ feeding him any ‘facts’.

      points 1-3 come as no surprise to people i have talked to, people who have also suffered personal attacks from tkc.

      however, if the docs on CASE.net are in force tomorrow we will hear what tkc has to say about the subject.

      p.s. – yes, he still does that silly shit. before we posted yesterday we ran by his place and he’s still using all caps and lots ‘o red and BREAKING and EXCLUSIVE. while we were there we noted that tkc seems to at once have a mad on for our current mayor (what IS it with him and power?) while at the same time as he seems to have a heavy crush on the mayor’s son. too weird…

      1. With Kyle posting stuff like this on his public Facebook page . .

        HEY!!! Download , listen and donate ( IF YOU HAVE IT) and do whatever to support this mixtape…Either that, or I’ll kill you and make love 2 ur corpse !!!

        Maybe Tony sees the Mayor as his meal ticket since Kyle gets away with it. Or maybe it just reveals Tony’s true colors after you peel away the facade.

  6. I notice this link is being spammed on Tony’s site. Personally, I find him entertaining. I think the fact that you have dedicated this discussion to him and that it’s the most popular thing on your blog proves that he’s making an impression. At least with you.

    Nobody admits to reading Tony but everybody does.

    1. Don’t know (or care) if the link to this post is “spammed” on tkc’s site (whatever that means; are people actually inundating the site’s default e-mail account with spam? If you could be clearer that would be helpful.)

      Also don’t know (or care) if this post is the ‘most popular’ thing on the site; I don’t track stats. However, if I were to judge by email alone, the interview with Nadia Pflaum was far and away the most popular post here. I don’t expect that to change, short of an interview with President Obama.

      And if you had spent a couple moments reading the other comments you would understand the reason for the initial post last year and subsequent follow-ups was the possibility of tkc’s inadvertent furtherance of case law re bloggers as journalists. No one here cares about his fortunes otherwise, much less is ‘impressed’ by him.

  7. I was just on Tony’s site and there’s no apology yet. What IS odd is that T had this PayPal button on his sidebar, begging money for his fight against “Kansas City’s most powerful union official”, or something like that. It was abviously directed at Louie. But it’s not there any more. I can’t believe he got so many donations he simply took it down – T strikes me as the type of guy to milk a dead cow…

          1. I know but I couldn’t resist the temptation anyway. But your correct and I appreciate it. I don’t have any desire to become one of those idiot comment posters so advise accepted.

          2. I think you were w/i bounds, Frank: tkc is on record multiple times for “calling out” blogs that don’t allow comments – against ‘free speech’, doancha know.

            Given the fact that I posted this item before every other blog or newspaper in KC, and did not post the actual court documents, you were well w/i fair play, given the subject.

            Hudson, seemingly, is a tkc fan, an ocd candidate, or both. No matter.

  8. And I think that will be the last he ever mentions it on his blog, too, likely on his attorney’s advice. There will be no further “spin” on it, lest it is with any friends he may have, rather quietly, over a beer or some such.

  9. Hope Nanook doesn’t mind me re-posting his comment on The Pitch. Cause he pretty much nails it.

    Couple of things:

    1. No typos, no errors in grammar or punctuation. Obviously, Tony didn’t write that apology.

    2. The retraction illustrates Tony’s lack of credibility. If he had any semblance of being a legitimate journalist, the ACLU, the Kansas City Press Club, the MCA — hell, maybe even someone from La Raza or the Guadalupe Center – would have jumped to his defense. Instead, he pulls a tradeout with some geriatric Tier 3 graduate who was lucky Wright didn’t decide to bring the case to trial.

    I have to admit: I enjoy seeing Tony taken down a few notches. Sure, in a month (when he’s allowed to remove the link to his apology), he’ll try to spin this as some sort of victory, and that if Louie Wright took all the time to file a libel suit, he MUST be pretty important. Fact is, the settlement shows everyone exactly what Tony is: a hack who’s great at spouting half-truths from alleged “tipsters” when it fits his ever-changing agenda, but who folds up like a cheap umbrella when someone actually pushes back.

    Want to be taken seriously, Tony? Learn to spell. Quit objectifying women. And if you have an opinion, be able to back it up with facts. Otherwise, shut your trap and stick to the things you know best, like snack cakes, action figures, and not getting any.

    (Ed. note: full Plog item and comments here.)

    1. Thanks Editor. The ironic thing about this is I might have never found this pretty cool, crafty, and intelligent blog of yours if it hadn’t been for Tony’s big screw up and this well placed post that got around pretty quick last night.

        1. What’s particularly funny is that piddly sites like this one get a few hundred hits a day compared to Tony’s thousands.
          Not sure why you are so happy with what happened to him since you seem to slander people on a regular basis. When a union boss goes after your ass your will be changing your tune.

          1. Thanks, Dan!

            I mean it; I used to know what ‘piddly’ meant back in the day but ‘the day’ was several eons ago – you forced me to look it up:

            PIDDLY – Small, inconsequential, or not worth spending time on.

            It fits, I suppose, though it’s not catchy enough to rename the site.

            It does, however, beg the obvious: if we’re piddly, why’s a fine upstanding gentleman like yourself, obviously working hard after hours in the shop for Chuck (who knows what going on with his DSL, right?), even bothering to visit us, much less leaving an (inaccurate) comment? We’ve not slandered anyone in at least over a month; I checked. Maybe earlier, I don’t know but doubt it. Couldn’t be bothered to review posts further back – I’m on vacation after all. Help me out, Dan – what post in particular caught your fancy?

            In any event, I’m not about to defame anyone. Nor do I belong to a union. SO I think my ass is safe.

            Thanks for worrying though.

          2. Hey Dan. First off, if you look at TKC numbers, his traffic has been falling off during the past few years. And if you look at other numbers, it’s clear the site peaked seven years ago, and has seen a slow but steady erosion of it’s audience. Alexa isn’t even keeping historical data on the site anymore.

            Second – and here’s the really key thing: Hit’s are always suspect, on all web sites, as it doesn’t take into account people who clear out their web cache and cookies every night – which means that one person visiting 20 times can be counted as 20 unique viewers.

            Moreover, remember this: 10,000 people, clicking 5 times a day is 50,000 hits a day, or 350,000 hits a week, or 1.4 million hits a month. In other words, a very small number of people quickly adds up to what appears to be a large audience, but isn’t.

            Any other questions?

    1. TKC NOTE: Again, we want to reiterate that this blog and KANSAS CITY FREE SPEECH only exist because people like Lynne Bratcher are willing to stand up for it. And since there’s been some speculation, we wanted to post THIS ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ONE OF KANSAS CITY’S TOP JOURNALISTS . . . Obviously, she wanted to keep her name on background but smarter Kansas City media denizens (and some of her friends) will recognize the hard-hitting style and maybe learn just a bit more about one . . . . . . . DEVELOPING

      1. Thanks, Frank.

        I don’t read this so much as ‘spin’ but as yet another way of ‘paying off’ t’s lawyer; tkc obvs had little or no actual cash (at least not as lawyers understand it) and so (IMHO) worked a deal to do N number of ‘advertorials’ on his blog. The difference between the prior scribblings and this item being he found someone who could actually write in the inverted pyramid style.

        That could have been a ‘noted’ journalist. Or it could have been a first year juco student.

        Doubt we’ll see it again though.

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