Out on the Pacific Rim…

Apple and Samsung have both infringed each other’s patents on mobile devices, a South Korean court ruled today.

Judges in Seoul said U.S. based Apple had infringed two patents held by Samsung, while the Korean technology giant had violated one of Apple’s patents.


Funny…all I’ve read previously on the InnerTubez was on the Apple/Samsung case verdict in California.

This is why, all other factors being equal, I always take the home team…

Also of interest is a little noted case dismissed – for the second time – by a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge:

Judge Richard A. Posner, a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge who moonlighted in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois (Chicago), tossed Apple and Motorola Mobility’s (a Google Inc. (GOOG) subsidiary) suits/countersuits out of court “with prejudice” during the first week of June. He was upset about both companies’ refusal to place realistic evaluations of their patents’ worth (both companies reportedly lofted astronomical figures).

It was Motorola who originally initiated this suit, but it was essentially just committing to a preemptive strike after CEO Steve Jobs and Apple lawyers verbally threatened to sue it in late 2010. During the month of October 2010 Motorola dropped the hammer and Apple followed in suit with its promised infringement lawsuit.


The Motorola case is almost a mirror image of the Samsung suit. So who’s right or wrong?

No idea, but I’ll tell you what’s not working well. The U.S. Patent office, that’s what.

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