Maybe another cup?

Death WishI am awake.

I mean…AWAKE.

So awake.

I feel like a run. A 10-mile run. Or maybe a 20-mile forced march with full ruck. 1

Followed by a loooong night swim.

But first I should clean the house, do some laundry and then mow the lawn. Okay, maybe it’s a bit early for the lawn; I should wait say 30 minutes? That should be sufficient. Why’s everyone asleep anyway? It’s a beautiful morning. Well, pre-dawn. A little damp. 2 But that’s the best time, when even the dog can’t be bothered to get up to go out and pee. Hour of the wolf, they call it. That subtle transition from full night to dawn itself, so called because that is when the wolf is said to lurk outside one’s door. That would be cool, a wolf lurking outside on the front porch. Maybe it would go running with me. I should go check and see if a wolf is outside, we could go running and maybe it would be my best friend just like in that movie where the guy danced with his wolf… 3

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. 75 pounds; more if humping ammo. Add another 10 pounds for a SAW.
  2. Thank Thor – it could rain all day.
  3. ONE  CUP. I swear, just one.

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