The below is a Guardian Science Podcast of an interview with neuroscientist David Nutt. The subject: the science and politics of drugs.

Professor Nutt, who lost his position on the British drug advisory panel for pointing out in a scientific paper – quelle horreur! – that the health risks of taking ecstasy are roughly equivalent to going horse riding, is well known in England. Think Timothy Leary, sans the Establishment fear and loathing. 1

The talk is unique from an American perspective; it’s sensible and level-headed.

Give a listen.

(Complete listing of Science Weekly podcasts here. Prof. Nutt’s book.)


Show 1 footnote

  1. Though Nutt doesn’t go quite as far as Leary did with his SMI²LE hypothesis, a theory by the by that appears closer to reality these days. That is if one discounts the Eternal War on Peace; we have always been at war with Eastasia because there have always been men who despised peace.

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