The Stupid: Fred Jackson\’s Got It Bad

Speaking of…”willfully, gleefully lying to sub literates, Downs Syndrome sufferers, shut-ins, the aged, mental defectives or even just the gullible”:

Fred Jackson, the American Family Association’s news director, while discussing the Colorado movie theater shooting…said that liberal Christian churches and liberal media helped contribute to violent incidents by supposedly deemphasizing the fear of God and the Bible.

During AFA Today, Jackson had on as his guest Jerry Newcombe of Truth in Action Ministries to discuss his column on the AFA’s OneNewsNow blaming the shooting on a waning fear of God and Hell, and blamed the American Civil Liberties Union for destroying the public school system by supposedly forbidding students from reading the Bible. “You wonder why all these terrible things are happening to us when there is no fear of God,” Newcombe said.

Jackson maintained that unlike in the communities of forty years ago, liberals in the media and churches, along with movies and the internet, have “have come together to give us these kinds of incidents.”

Later in the program, Jackson and co-host Teddy James of AFA Journal said the shooting is a sign of God’s judgment for the failings of the public education system and liberal, mainline Protestant churches that affirm gays and lesbians. 1


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  1. The obvious proof of which was God vaporizing two wives and mothers, Christa McAuliffe & Judith Resnik, while allowing  Sally Ride to stride across the heavens…

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