The Dark Knight: Bleeding Out in Aurora

This especially critical when surrounded by dangerously aggressive ruminants

“Why does life need to be complicated? If we want to accessorize an AR-15 with a bolt action .50 caliber conversion upper, so be it. That’s how we role.

“Zel Custom understands your pain. To cope with depression, Zel will remedy your ills by letting you convert your AR-15 in to a .50 caliber under 5 minutes. If .50 cal is overkill (we think it’s a good start) then Zel also offers adaptable uppers in .338 Lapua, .416 Barrett, and a limited run of .408 CheyTac.

“The Zel Custom Tactilite Series of uppers can be shipped directly to you without an FFL. You just purchase the upper kit in the caliber you want and install. If you only have one AR-15, then each time you decide to use your Tactilite you’ll have to swap a few parts out. However the process is fairly quick if you know what you’re doing.”

WNBTv wholeheartedly reccomends the Tactilite conversion kit.

Because…how many times can you herd your ruminants into a tightly enclosed space to spray them down? It’s far more likely you will need to take several dozen thousand yard shots to obtain the desired outcome. 1

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Truth in Blogging – the NRA contributed ideas, materials, cash and two (2) free AR-15s to the writing of this post. Maricopa County, Arizona, sherriff Joseph M. “Joe” Arpaio, also called the author offering ‘moral’ support.

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